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NEW BeakView Bird Feeder Camera

NEW BeakView Bird Feeder Camera

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The Beakview Bird feeder camera is the perfect way for bird enthusiasts to be able to watch birds feeding from your yard using your smartphone, from anywhere in the world! No more wondering what kind of birds are in your area, now, you will be able to capture the majesty of birds feeding and receive real-time notifications when this is happening!

Download the FREE App to your smartphone, connect the Beakview camera system to your WiFi, fill the feeder with bird feed (not included) and you are ready to go!

You can install this to any tree, pole, fence, or wall, in minutes with the included mounts, and away you go! The battery that is included will last months or you can add on the optional solar panel so you never have to charge the camera again! Plus, the AI Smart software can help you identify the birds that feed from your Beakview camera with up to 10,000 different species available!


  • SMART BIRD FEEDER - Holds up to 1' 8" oz of bird feed and will automatically keep the feeder full of bird feed.
  • CAMERA PROTECTION - The strong, durable, weatherproof bird feeder surrounds the camera to keep the IP 65 water resistant camera protected against harsh weather like wind, rain, hail, and other elements that could cause damage. Also, can operate in any climate, no matter how hot or cold!
  • EASY SETUP - Our bird feeder camera is easy to mount, includes multiple mounts! Use the strap to mount to small trees or poles, or use the metal wall mount on walls or large trees.
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE - Battery life will last 45-75 days, depending on how active the feeder is with birds. Charge camera with included AC charger in about 6 hours, 4-8 times per year!
  • HD WIDE ANGLE CAMERA -  50' Wide angle 1920x1080P HD Camera with IR lights for improved visibility at night.
  • AI SMART CAMERA - Smart camera can identify squirrels, birds, people, pets and more! If you upgrade to a paid program on the APP, software can identify up to 10,000 different species of birds.
  • STORED VIDEOS - Videos and photos can store videos on SD card (optional SD card, can use up to 128GB SD card) or in the cloud. The FREE monthly program includes 7 days of videos stored in the cloud, but you can upgrade the service plan if you want more videos stored in the cloud.
  • ALARM SYSTEM - Manually activate audio & light alarm to scare off squirrels, people and more!
  • TWO-WAY AUDIO - Hear the beautiful music from birds, or from your yard, plus you can communicate to any one close to the feeder with 2 way audio.
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Sourced with care

All our birdseed blends are thoughtfully curated, hand-mixed in small batches, and made-to-order. Each ingredient in our birdseed blends is Amish-crafted and delivered fresh to us.

Birds of a feather, say no to plastic

Ok, that might not be how the saying goes. The truth is we care about birds, people, and the planet and therefore use only paper product bags, recyclable boxes, and fully compostable transparent pouches.

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