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Handmade Pottery Mug featuring birds and flowers

Handmade Pottery Mug featuring birds and flowers

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Imagine the joy you (or your special someone) will feel watching and listening to birds while sipping from this extra-large cobalt blue handmade stoneware mug from Andrea Hill Pottery. Suitable for coffee, tea, or any warm drink, the wide handle and smooth surface are perfectly designed to cup both hands around. Holds a full 16 ounces. Microwave and dishwasher safe. The photograph doesn't do this beautiful mug justice!

Also available as part of the Happy Morning Gift Set found on our Gift Collection page!
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Sourced with care

All our birdseed blends are thoughtfully curated, hand-mixed in small batches, and made-to-order. Each ingredient in our birdseed blends is Amish-crafted and delivered fresh to us.

Birds of a feather, say no to plastic

Ok, that might not be how the saying goes. The truth is we care about birds, people, and the planet and therefore use only paper product bags, recyclable boxes, and fully compostable transparent pouches.