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Splendid Box
Gabrielle hampton
Great birdseed

My birds love the bird seed! Especially the suet!! My wood peckers loved it

My birds want more

We’ve never had so many finches and sparrows waiting for a spot on two of our 6 port tube feeders. We run out of of the wild bird mix after two weeks. Our kids tell us the backyard sounds like the aviary at the museum. Im truly a happy birdwatcher with very happy birds.

Splendid Box
Rachel Adams

My partner and I have been subscribed to the Splendid Box for a while now, and it is one of the best purchases we've made. Before Happy Birdwatcher, we would maybe see a few robins-- now, we've got goldfinches galore, tufted titmice, chickadees, wrens, song sparrows, house finches, and crows visiting the porch every day.

Happy Birdwatcher has also become one of my favorite companies. The product itself is always fresh, the packaging is both beautiful and environmentally friendly, and I love the subscription option. Last month I emailed to ask if it was possible to add a bag of the bird-friendly coffee to my next box, and Susan made it so easy (and the coffee is great, too!).

Endless hours of entertainment!

My older son gave me the puzzle, feeder and seed pack for Christmas, and it's been a non-stop avian parade in my yard ever since. The feeder's sturdy construction allows even heavier, bulkier birds like jays to access the seed. (My younger son had given me a Bird Buddy, which is equally riveting, and the two feeders hang side by side.) When the state of the union conspires to disturb my tranquility, a few minutes watching my feathered friends sets me back to center. Thank you for your inspired company!

Perfect to Document your Birdwatching!

I have wanted to document the birds I see at my feeder ever since I started feeding, and this is the perfect tool to do so! It is well designed, and the artwork is beautiful. Perfect gift too if you send a happy seed box to a friend!

Starter Box
Ed Parris

Getting really good results with my Happy Birdwatcher bird seed
Lot's of birds and different species.

Starter Box
Happy birds!

Working from home and loving watching and listening to all the bird activity around our seed

Gift Subscription
Blair Hickey
Parents thrilled with their gift....

My parents called to say how excited they were to receive their first delivery of seed I bought for them. The presentation was great -- the bag was much larger than any of us thought it was going to be (impressive) and the hand-written note (of the message I typed) was a fantastic touch. Very classy. As someone who often can't be there in person to deliver my presents, this was an especially appreciated detail. Overall, very happy I found Happy Birdwatcher. You guys are doing a great job. Thanks.

Starter Box
Andrea McCurdy
Attracts so many different birds

My husband and I were just looking out the window and commented about how the Happy Birdwatcher birdseed has attracted so many more bird varieties and that the usual ones visit more often. My husband is in charge of feeding "his birds". He said he has to feed them again this morning because they go through it so fast. The reasonable price of the starter box is definitely worth the convenience of having it delivered to our front door in environmentally friendly packaging and getting to see all the birds flock to our feeders.

Great Gift

I gifted this for my dad. Once his gift shipped, it arrived really quick to him, which was great! He said he really loved the blend and is excited to see how each seed bag will change with the months ahead.

Gift Subscription
Beth Randall

I bought my parents a subscription (Simply Seeds) for the holidays. From the very beginning I was impressed with the company. I made a small, but annoying error when I filled out the online forms and emailed the company to let them know. Not only did I get a nearly immediate response, but it was from Susan herself! We had a nice exchange and she sent her hope that my parents enjoyed their gift. Well, let me tell you, my parents are SO delighted with what they have received so far. They are avid bird watchers and still found the information they got interesting and informative. They were also thrilled with the quality of the seed and VERY excited that the "bonus" 5 pound bag included pieces of suet mixed in with special birdseed. The delivery arrived exactly on time (and I got an email notification the day it shipped and the day it was due to arrive, which was great) and it did indeed come in environmentally (and easy to manage) packaging. They recently moved into a new house in a new state and love to watch all of their "new" birds right off of their deck.

Now they are counting down the days to the next delivery and I know what to buy for all future gifts! I have already recommended the program to friends. It really is the perfect gift for people who "have everything".

Thank you, thank you to Susan and everyone else at Happy Birdwatcher for all of your hard work!

Splendid Box
Brett Greenleaf
Great Idea and Execution

This is a great service. The birdseed is obviously fresh, and the birds love it. I usually get a wide variety of birds at my feeders, but since starting to use this, I have gotten even more. Susan is also great to work with. Wonderful idea and service.

Splendid Box
Christine Adler
Fabulous gift

I got this for my husband for Christmas--it was perfect for the man who has everything and doesn't need more "stuff". He loves feeding the birds and the products included were beautifully packed, fresh and well labeled. He loved all the info included about the birds and the food, as well as the hand-written card. And the birds seem to love the seed! We haven't even put out the suet yet.

The squirrels did seem to give the hot pepper seed a try; it's only been a day, so we'll see if they return to it. Thank you for a terrific gift. Highly recommended!

Happiness is Right!

Everything about this concept is just right! From the mindful sustainability, to the ease of ordering, to the quick responses from customer service, to the excellent products, this has been an exceptionally happy experience.
We had just moved to a new home and were greatly missing the birds we attracted at our other home. Some lovely friends gave us the personalized birdseed as a housewarming gift. It could not have been more perfect! Our Bird Cafe is open for business and flourishing in our new home.

Simply Seeds Box
Kathi Miller
High Quality Birdseed

No shell birdseed that my birds love, alot! Definitely recommend.

Wonderful coffee

Luv the flavor!

Starter Box
Alice Curtin Thaxton
Happy Bird Customer

It was a wonderful experience ordering from Happy Birdwatcher. It came beautifully wrapped, and I can’t wait to give it as a Christmas gift. I will be back!

Splendid Box
Jaclyn Vernace
Love it!

This personalized seed has been bringing birds to my yard that I've never seen in my yard before. It's such an upgrade from the 100% sunflower seeds that I've been using prior. The woodpeckers have been loving the suet bricks. I love them as well because they did not melt even in the extreme heat and direct sun.

Happy feeder

My birds are very happy feeding. Love the colors. Adds to my bird sanctuary.

Simply Seeds Box
Rose M Adams
Great customer service

I was struggling with the web site and was ready to give up. So great customer service and my birds love the variety of seed I received

Thank you, Rose! We've now fixed our website to show when blends are out of stock to eliminate confusion for others. We appreciate your feedback that brought this to our attention. We're so glad that you and your birds are enjoying your HappySeed Box!

Fantastic and thoughtful!

I have five kids and we were elated to see their names not only on the customized letter but even on the birdseed! I can’t believe how much detail went into these and we were surprised to see the kinds of birds that we could expect to see at our house. This seems to be a quality feeder and quality seed, and the book is great!

Simply Seeds Box
Ann Coulter

Feeding and enjoying birds is a so much better thanks to Happy Birdwatcher. Better seed, no waste, more and different birds are attracted, buying local, delivered to our door, and eco-friendly packaging!

Simply Seeds Box
Sandy O'Gorman
Birds flocked to these seeds !

I have 2 feeders and the local birds must have sent out the message “better seeds at 123 “.

Splendid Box
Kristen Costello
Fantastic quality!

I've been feeding a multitude of birds on my property for years now but this is by far the highest quality seed I've ever used! There are absolutely no sticks or empty shells in the mix and it even smells so much fresher! The birds (and of course the squirrels) love it! I'll be trying the hot pepper mix next and hopefully it will keep the squirrels away and on their own feeders.

Perfect gift!

Splendid Box? More like Awesome Box! It was such a good niche Father's Day gift customized to where my parents live and as my dad is always feeding the birds, having a blend customized to their zip code (and a little something different for those birds this time around) was an awesome gift! Thanks!