Frequently Asked Questions

Our Food

How do you know what birds are in my area and what they like to eat?

We start by asking a few questions about you and your outdoor space. Then we analyze historical and current bird sighting data based on your location and time of year. Finally, one of our experts thoughtfully formulates a blend based on what the birds most likely to visit your feeders prefer while keeping in mind your space, feeder types, and the birds you’d most like to see.

What if my birds don’t eat the seed?

Because our seed mixes are thoughtfully blended and tailored for your area and time of year, we’re quite confident that your birds will gobble it up. But if your birds are particularly finicky and you notice anything left behind in the feeder or want to customize your blend your way just shoot us an email atsupport@happybirdwatcher.comand we’ll happily work with you to deliver exactly what you have in mind.

How should I store seed and suet?

It’s best to store all seed products in a cool, dry place. We recommend storing tailored birdseed blends in airtight storage containers to maintain maximum freshness. See our great selection of colorful galvanized metal pails and let us know if you’d like to add one or more to your order.
Our suet products are made-to-order and arrive to you freshly made. Although not required, we suggest popping these in the freezer as soon as your order arrives and storing them there until ready to be placed outdoors for your birds.

What exactly is suet?

Suet is technically hard fat from around the kidneys of beef and mutton. The main ingredient in our suet cake is pure, grass-fed beef tallow which has been rendered to remove impurities that cause spoilage. We then add unsweetened, unsalted crunchy peanut butter and top it off with naturally dried fruit, premium sunflower, peanuts, or dried mealworms depending on what your birds fancy. That’s it. No flour, sugar, artificial flavors or colors added. Birds love this simple, high-energy treat!

Where does your seed come from?

We researched and tested the quality of seed from dozens of suppliers across the United States before partnering with an Amish supplier in the Midwest for the finest birdseed ingredients on the market. These premium single ingredients (Black Oil Sunflower, Fine Sunflower Chips, Hulled Sunflower, Nyjer, Safflower, Peanuts, and White Millet) are delivered to us and hand-mixed in small batches on our family homestead here in the beautiful Sequatchie Valley of Southeast Tennessee.

What makes your birdseed blends the best?

We’re unique because we customize our birdseed blends for your birds in your location, which means you’re only paying for and offering your birds seed they will actually eat and enjoy. And each of our ingredients is of the highest quality. For example, our Premium Oil Sunflower Seeds, the main ingredient in most of our Everyday blends, is 99.5% pure – that means it’s super clean so you’re not serving up sticks and chaff to your feathered friends.

Couldn’t I just create my own birdseed blends?

Sure! But if you’d like to focus on watching your birds and enjoying them, let us do the work. Each month we’ll adjust your HappySeed Box based on the birds in your area and tell you what birds to look out for. We want to take the work out of birdwatching, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Our Packaging

Is your packaging environmentally friendly?

Yes! Our recyclable 5 and 10 lb seed bags are made of 100% paper with no plastic lining or coatings. We also use transparent compostable stand-up pouches to package dried mealworms. And unlike most other products on the market, our recyclable suet packaging is completely plastic-free!

Why are there dark spots on my birdseed bag?

Because high-quality ingredients contain a higher oil-content, you may notice spots of discoloration on our ecofriendly paper bags. We recommend storing your tailored birdseed blend into a metal storage container so it will maintain its maximum freshness.

Your Subscription

What will come in my HappySeed box?

Check out our HappySeed box options here. In addition to customized seed blends, suet cakes, and mealworms, all HappySeed boxes come with an information-packed letter from your personal bird expert on what birds are currently in your area and which ones may be coming soon so you can be on the lookout. We don’t want you to miss an opportunity to see cool migratory birds flying through.

When will my HappySeed box arrive?

In most cases, your box will ship within 24 hours after you place your order. During peak seasons, please allow 1-3 business days to process your order. Watch your email for status updates and tracking information. You choose the frequency of your orders – so if you choose a monthly subscription, you’ll get a new box every 30 days from the time of your first order.

Can I cancel, pause, or reactivate my subscription anytime?

Absolutely! Your HappySeed Box plan is completely customizable. Simply shoot us an email at and let us know your needs.

Can I change when my next order will arrive?

Yes! If you’d like to change the ship date, you can either log in to your account or send us an email


Does birdwatching really make people happy?

How do you give back?

For every 10 lbs of birdseed sold, we donate $1 to organizations that help those struggling with mental health issues or addiction. We also donate birdseed products and teach free birdwatching classes to those in recovery.

How do you choose which charities receive donations?

We learn about organizations in a variety of ways and alternate our giving among a select group of charities that are making a difference in the lives of those struggling with mental health issues or addiction. If you’d like to nominate a nonprofit organization to be a donation recipient, just shoot us an email at

Gift Orders

I'm ordering a gift for someone who lives in a different zip code but I want it shipped to me. How do I do that?

After you complete your order, you will immediately be sent an order confirmation email. In that email, there is a link to a short questionnaire that will guide you through the questions we need to customize and personalize your order. This questionnaire will inform us that the bird seed will be used in a different area, the recipient's name, and if you'd like to include a gift message.  

If I want to order gifts, should I order each separately?

Yes, if each gift is going to a different address, please do them as separate orders. If they are all coming to your address, you may submit one order. Just be sure and complete the questionnaire that comes in your order confirmation email (once for each gift recipient) so we'll know how to tailor and personalize each order. 

Where's my holiday gift order?

You may have selected "December 15th" as your ship date at the time of purchase. If so, your package will ship by that date and you'll receive the tracking information then. If you chose to receive your item "Immediately," we are working as fast as we can to get that to you. However, due to the large volume of holiday orders, our current processing time is 2-4 business days. You'll receive tracking information as soon as it's available.