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Suet cage

Suet cage

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Simply fill the suet cage with one Happy Birdwatcher special-recipe suet cake, and hang it from a shepherd's hook or tree. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy your birds! From Woodpeckers and Pine Warblers to Wrens and Titmice, large and small birds will love snacking from this mini feeder.
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Sourced with care

All our birdseed blends are thoughtfully curated, hand-mixed in small batches, and made-to-order. Each ingredient in our birdseed blends is Amish-crafted and delivered fresh to us.

Birds of a feather, say no to plastic

Ok, that might not be how the saying goes. The truth is we care about birds, people, and the planet and therefore use only paper product bags, recyclable boxes, and fully compostable transparent pouches.