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Dried Mealworm Sampler Bag - 0.25 lbs

Dried Mealworm Sampler Bag - 0.25 lbs

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Attract more insect-eating birds like Bluebirds! Serve these up in a dish, toss a few on the ground, or sprinkle in with your birdseed blends.
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Sourced with care

All our birdseed blends are thoughtfully curated, hand-mixed in small batches, and made-to-order. Each ingredient in our birdseed blends is Amish-crafted and delivered fresh to us.

Birds of a feather, say no to plastic

Ok, that might not be how the saying goes. The truth is we care about birds, people, and the planet and therefore use only paper product bags, recyclable boxes, and fully compostable transparent pouches.

Customer Reviews

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Dorothy O.
Meal worms. Who would have thought?!

I had never tried mealworms in my feeders before but they're such a hit with my feathered friends that I'll be including them in every order!

Meg Niehaus
Fine Feathered Friends

Bird food custom mixed for local backyard birds is a unique find. The excellent product arrived in fresh condition in a timely manner. It was well-packaged in recyclable packaging. We are delighted to share it with our family members for a special Christmas gift—that our fine feathered friends can share this winter.